The Musafir Band is an Indian rock band from Chandigarh. The name of the band, Musafir, means "traveler" in Hindi. Its members include Ashutosh Jain, Rakesh Mandal and Kundan Messey. Being named one of the top five Hindi bands of India, Musafir is becoming a popular band in South Asia.

The group came together in the 2006. Lead singer Ashutosh Jain returning from Fame Gurkul 2, set up a Music studio, joined by Rakesh Mandal and Kundan Messey, the experts who also had immense industry experience, just like Ashutosh. Amazed by the output, they decided to take music-business forward and created a live band line-up. The band completed when joined Arjun Desai on Guitars and Ravi Singh on Drums.

Playing live since 3 years and performed nearly 200 shows, Musafir is also known for on-stage skills and Sensational Live acts. Their brand of fresh rock sound blends to create an experience, which is being hailed by many as the Next BIG THING in the Indian music scene.