Huna and the Future of Medicine : Integrating Huna and Western Medicine So They Work for You

Huna and the Future of Medicine : Integrating Huna and Western Medicine So They Work for You


Currently America is involved in a national controversy concerning the state of health care. One faction of the government believes that we should have more and better health care for less cost. The other equally vocal side of the American people believes that medical care should stay as is. The argument is about access and cost. The fact is, both access is difficult and costs are up because we are not healing people. The real issue is how do we change our current medical system from merely treating illness to preventing illness in the first place? Secondly when illness exists instead of forcing people to suffer years of pain and illness for years, why not heal illness in its earliest stages long before it creates a permanent problem? One way many people are dealing with this crisis is to move away from traditional Western medical care and instead seeking alternative health care resources. This counter-cultural movement is clearly gaining an ever increasing share of the medical health care market. The problem here is that most alternative care still operates from the standard Western medical model, leaving us merely using one method of maintaining illness for another method of maintaining illness. In the end we have many different but yet similar methodologies. There is no medical treatment that includes looking at root causes (blocks and conflicts or faulty beliefs) and how to prevent them to keep you well or heal your illnesses. The Lawrences are not willing to simply accept the status quo. They have searched long and hard for a system that healed rather then maintained illness. They found this system in a little known ancient healing system called Huna. Huna is a two thousand year-old Polynesian/Hawaiian healing modality which successfully emphasizes prevention of illness before it occurs and healing it once it has occurred. To the Huna master, illness cannot be resolved without bringing mind, body and spirit to work together. This is in stark contrast with western medical practices and many alternative systems. Huna teaches the individuals not to treat symptoms but to rather heal illness before it becomes problematic and even life-threatening. The Lawrences tell how to bring this, previously secret knowledge of healing, to our present modern technology-based system in order to create a totally revolutionary healing philosophy. Using Huna along with your standard medical care brings you together with the very best and most valuable aspects of both Western medicine and alternative medicine. Huna creates a simple way to add mind, body, spirituality, psychology, and new healing techniques and information to the practice of modern Western medicine and in the process demonstrates the use of a new science called psycho-neuroimmunobiology. Before there were medical doctors, hospitals and research labs there were healers, shamans and wise men and women. These ancients were the scientists and doctors of the past who were able to heal in effective ways. Their knowledge has recently been rediscovered and combined with the basics of Western medicine in Huna and the Future of Medicine, to offer one of the most comprehensive and effective approaches to healing yourself and others. Some highlights of this book include: Body, Mind, Spirit and Consciousness and how they are interrelated to create illness and wellness Integrated and Alternative Medicine versus Western Medicine Prevention of Illness Transforming illness into wellness Reversing chronic illnesses Strengthening the immune system Stress-Related disorders and diseases Working with non-traditional healers Higher Self and healing Huna and the practice of medicine Huna Prayer (Spirituality) and healing Now for the first time, an M.D. and Ph.D. have taken the wisdom of Huna and demonstrate how, when combined with medical science, to treat Stress-Related illnesses, and chronic diseases, you can heal. This is the future of medicine and the healing arts.

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Allen Lawrence M D, Lisa Robyn Lawrence Ph D
Paperback | 212 pages
152 x 229 x 11mm | 292g
Publication date
14 Oct 2014
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform